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What can Pilates do for you?

Uma Thurman, Miley Cirus, Matt Damon, Daniel Craig, Kate Hudson, Megan Fox, Jeremy Ross, Diane Kruger, Lady Gaga, Pink, Tom Cruise, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, and so many more...

    Famous Followers

      ... that Joseph Pilates' opened his first studio in 1926 on 8th Avenue in New York City?

      ... that soon after it became known that ballerinas were attending the Pilates gym society women followed?

      ... that even Marilyn Monroe practiced Pilates ?

      About Pilates

      Victoria's Pilates


      • Builds core stability for abdominal & back strength

      • Improves natural posture and spinal alignment

      • Tones and elongates muscles without adding bulk

      • Develops co-ordination and body awareness

      • Enhances mobility, flexibility, balance, grace and agility

      • Improves circulation and breathing

      • Alleviates pain and tension

      • Relieves stress and boosts energy

      • Prevents and aids rehabilitation of injuries

      • Enhances body/mind connection

      • Promotes better sleep

      Office workers spend 55% of their working day sat down with almost 60% saying they don’t even take a lunch break and instead eat at their desk. Unfortunately, most of us slouch at our desk, carry a purse or briefcase and wear unsupportive shoes, making it next to impossible for our spine and pelvis to be in perfect alignment. 

      Pilates works its magic by focusing our attention on the deep core muscles in charge of supporting our spine and pelvis whilst they are in correct anatomical alignment. The deep conscious breathing combined with slow and steady exercises help to focus the mind whilst relaxing the body, thereby reducing stress. When your spine and pelvis are correctly aligned, your muscles will be held at their ideal length, without tension. In other words, your shoulders will relax, your neck and head will move freely and you'll feel less stress in your hips, legs and feet.

      Pilates has an incredible mood-boosting and stress-relieving super power. It has become the go-to exercise for athletes, dancers and celebrities looking to strengthen and tone their bodies. Pilates uses equipments such as the Reformer / Tower and springboard to guide and control the movements promoting alignment and lengthening throughout the body.